Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wendy & Lucy

I always add the Independent Spirit Award nominees (this film garnered 2) and winners to my list of blockbuster online movies every year. I watched this film last night, and though I thought Michelle Williams was fantastic (her nomination well deserved), I just didn't enjoy it. In this time of economic recession, a film like Wendy & Lucy serves as a nice slice of American life now; however, I just don't wish to be reminded of it. If the film had some type of upturn or Wendy had some kind of plan to turn her life around, then maybe I would have liked it more. There are many sad films that shake me to the core. This was not that kind of movie. It wasn't moving or emotional. It just left me kind of depressed, not moved or shaken, just blah. One star for Michelle Williams’s realistic, subtle performance. Watch it once for that then never watch it again.

What's to Come

My name is Mell, and I am a movie addict. I love film so much I studied it in college. I actually have an interdisciplinary studies degree in film, theater, and music. I have over 700 movies on my blockbuster queue. So after careful consideration and seeing that my mom blogged first (grr), I decided that it is in my best interest as a movie maven to review these films that I get from blockbuster. And that is what I'll do. I will also review new movies that don't interfere with the films on my mom's blog ( She sees movies every Tuesday afternoon at her local theater. I "will" interfere, however, if I blatantly disagree with the review she has given. Let the movie wars begin. The first movie I will review is the 2 time Independent Spirit Awards nominated film Wendy & Lucy.