Sunday, October 12, 2014

[DVD} Tuesdays with Mell 10/07/2014 Brick Mansions, "Houdini" Mini Series & more

Brick Mansions2014 PG-13 Action
Camille Delamarre
Plot: In this explosive remake of the 2004 French film District B13,also starrring Belle, Detroit undercover cop Damien Collier (Walker) fights a constant battle to stem a tide of crime and corruption. As a ruthless drug lord (RZA) makes apocalyptic plans for the city, Damien teams with an ex-con (Belle) to foil the plot. Trailer
Review: RIP Paul Walker. Watching all his movies now that he is gone. This looks interesting actually. I love Parkour and the fact that this is a future society story. 
Rating: TBD
Watch with: The Transporter, District B13
4 Minute Mile2014 PG-13 Inspiring Drama
Plot: Drew Jacobs is a high school track star who shows tremendous potential -- until his brother's (Gigandet) drug trade gets in the way. But when Drew draws the attention of a reticent former track coach (Jenkins), the two slowly begin to transform each other's lives. Trailer
Review: Richard Jenkins got robbed of the Oscar a few years back IMO. Nice to see ANTM alum Analeigh Tipton becoming a house-hold name & getting trailer screen credits finally. I did track in Middle & HS, and I love sports movies. Tons of reasons to watch this movie. Hope the lead is good in it. Never heard of him. 
Rating: TBD
Watch with: The Legend of Bagger Vance
Houdini2014 Biopic History Channel Mini Series
Uli Edel
Plot: As colorfully depicted in this two-part miniseries, master illusionist Harry Houdini (Brody) redefined the art of the public spectacle with his astounding escapes from ever-more terrifying devices, including the legendary Chinese Water Torture Cell. Trailer
Review: Though Brody looks nothing like Houdini, I'm still interested in seeing this film because Brody is a fantastic actor, History channel produces some great films/series/mini-series with historical integrity, and magic tricks and the spectacle of the stage fascinate me. 
Rating: TBD
Watch with: The Illusionist, The Prestige
Radio Free Albemuth2010 R Sci-FI Thriller
John Alan Simon
Plot: Set in an alternate America, this chilling adaptation of Philip K. Dick's sci-fi classic centers on Nicholas Brady (Scarfe), a Berkeley record store clerk who takes subversive action after receiving messages from a mysterious entity named VALIS. Along with bemused pal Phil (Whigham), Brady moves to Los Angeles, becomes a record executive and meets songwriter Sylvia (Morissette), but VALIS's dark motives are yet to be revealed. Trailer
Review: I love Phillip K. Dick novels and smart scifi. I hope Morissette is good in this. I've only seen her in Dogma and an episode of "Sex and the City". She didn't do much in those. I hope the low budget doesn't distract. 
Rating: TBD. 
Watch with: Minority Report and Total Recall (1990)