Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog-athon Part III

Creepshow (1982)-Inspired by the E.C. comics of the 1950s, George A. Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen. A few of the stories were good, but overall the stories were too simplistic to be interesting and too goofy when it was trying to be tongue-in-cheek. Try the Tales from the Crypt TV show instead. "Rather Stab A Pen In My Eye than ever watch this movie again"

I Am Dina (2002)-In Northern Norway during the 1860s, a little girl named Dina accidentally causes her mother's death. An interesting, harrowing character study on what happens in Dina's life. "Dear Diary, I secretly liked this film but, I'll never tell"

Suspiria (1977)-A newcomer to a fancy ballet academy gradually comes to realize that the staff of the school is actually a coven of witches bent on chaos and destruction. Visually stunning classic horror film with one of the best jump-scares I've ever seen. The plot, however, is completely lacking with a lackluster ending. "Not the Brightest Crayon in the Box, but sure is pretty"

The Devil's Diary (TV 2007)-When two friends, Dominique and Ursula, uncover an ancient book in a graveyard one night, they discover that the book has the supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it. Starts off as a fun, campy occult horror flick and descends into end of days shenanigans. Try instead: The Craft. "Stamped out so why bother?"

Mirrors 2 (2010)-When Max, who is recovering from a traumatic accident, takes a job as a nighttime security guard, he begins to see visions of a young mysterious woman in the store's mirror. A more simplistic version of the first movie. A few nice death scenes, but you can YouTube those. Skip this and try the first one instead. "Stamped out so why bother?"

Hangman's Curse (2003)-Bullying students are becoming deathly ill after screaming the name of a legendary ghost. Playing out like those Goosebumps stories, this film is really meant for the middle school age range, and therefore, did not appeal to me. There were some scary scenes with spiders though. "Stamped out so why bother?"

Bent (1997)-Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). In camp he falls in love with his fellow prisoner Horst, who wears his pink label with pride. Sadly beautiful film that shows some of the other victims of the Holocaust that haven't really been shown in cinema. "Noteworthy"

White Noise 2 (2007) - A man is brought back from the verge of death, he then discovers he can identify people who are about to die. Surprisingly good for a straight-to-video sequel that actually surpassed the first film. "Noteworthy"

I Sell the Dead (2008)-A grave robber reflects on his life of crime. Interesting premise with a horrible, over-the-top execution that isn't even remotely funny. Try Shaun of the Dead instead. "Rather Stab A Pen In My Eye than ever watch this movie again"

Scary Movie 4(2006)-Cindy finds out the house she lives in is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest to find out who killed him and why. Also, Alien "Tr-iPods" are invading the world and she has to uncover the secret in order to stop them. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all, but I still enjoy these parody films. "Stamped out but worth seeing"

Wait Til Dark (1967)-A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment. Amazingly acted, tension filled piece of suspense. Brilliant film. "Epic"

First Born (2007)-A new mother starts to suspect that the ghost of the previous tenant in her new home may be haunting her. Suspenseful, well-acted, and very well-written. This movie turned this genre on its head. "Epic"

Elvis and Anabelle (2007)-Anabelle is on the road to winning the Miss Texas Rose tiara when she dies tragically during a pageant. Her death lands her on the embalming table of Elvis. When Anabelle is miraculously resurrected on Elvis' embalming table, the two unexpectedly connect and sparks fly. Oddly sweet romance that shows that Blake Lively actually has some acting chops. "Noteworthy"

Secondhand Lions (2003)-A coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas. Fine but forgettable. Try the movie Driving Lessons instead. "Stamped out so why bother?"