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New Year's Day Movie Marathon: Fame! Movies About Becoming Famous

As most of you know, I am an actress & singer so I thought since I made a cross country move this year and have been working my butt off acting & singing in a new & bigger market, I thought I'd get some much needed movie motivation watching others do it for a while. I'm staying away from parodies & satires about Hollywood life.
Image of Step Up2006
Ok I'm not a really a dancer. I'm a singer & actress so that means I end up doing musicals which require me to dance. I took ballroom for a few years, was a mediocre gymnast for 7, took some tap, ballet & jazz during my youth, was in Show Choir (Glee) in high school, part of Swing Cats Society in college, & took a Hip Hop class once. Lol. I have varied experience but a professional dancer I'm not. I love watching others tho. This is the first and best of the series. Now married couple Tatum & Dewan have great chemistry in this. 
This is a depressing bizarre movie with an ending I hope never befalls all of you actors out there. I put this on here because of Watt's character at the beginning of the film. She's talented, pretty, plucky and hardworking. It nicely showcases an actress at the beginning of her career. There's also an audition scene in here that's the best acting in the entire film as well as the best audition I think I've ever seen. 

 (TV) 1999
For all you filmmakers out there. One of the biggest battles you will have is with the elite and with film studios. You want to create art. They want money. You want to portray the truth. Other people want to stop it. This is about Orson Welle's struggle with getting the film Citizen Kane released. 
Out of luck Broadway producers purposely produce the worst musical possible and it's a complete success. Sometimes you gotta think out of the box in this industry. 
Legal issues aside, this film is about going out there & making it happen. I worked in Broadcasting for a year. I've seen stories get cut from the show due to the viewership possible not liking it , changing the channel, and us losing rating and therefore, ad money. Broadcasting is a business after all and this film shows the seediest side of it. We never employed anyone like this for the station though.

This movie made Eminem an Oscar winner for best song. It's a pseudo-biographical film about the rap artist himself coming from an abusive single mom, broken household to making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. 
Ok so I said no satires. I made one exception. Though this is a satire about marketing, it's also a story about friends from a small town becoming rock stars. I also love the music. 
Image of Ray2004
A poor blind man becomes one of the world's most renowned music artists. 
Image of What's Love Got to Do with It1993
This isn't just a film about a singer becoming famous. It's a also a sad, at times hard to watch, film about domestic violence. Bassett got robbed of an Oscar. Don't let the people in your life especially managers & band mates mistreat you. 
Image of Country Strong2010
All careers have ebbs & flows. There's always someone younger than you around the corner. There's always temptation when you gain fame to flush it down the toilet with drugs & alcohol. This film touches on all of those things plus stage fright. 
Image of Dreamgirls2006
A rags to riches story for Jennifer Hudson who won an Oscar for her role in this story about a 1960's era pop group rising to fame. 
This is a great film about the use of social media & underground ways to record an album. It's about art on your own terms, reinventing yourself, finding your own voice, and making something amazing on a low budget.

There are going to be times where you get discouraged in your career. This film is about an actor going through a quarter life crisis. 
Burlesque (2010) Poster2010
Though Xtina's acting is not perfect, I always love the story of a small town girl making it big. The music in this film is fantastic. Her singing is fantastic. Even Cher proves seh's still got it when she sings the Golden Globe nominated song live on camera. 
Georgia (1995) Poster1995
Sometimes it's about know where your true talents lie or don't lie.
This is about reinventing yourself. Just because other people mold you into a sexy pop star, that doesn't mean that's who you should be. If you are not  authentic, it doesn't matter how famous you become. You will not be happy. 
Image of Big Eyes2014
True story of how artist Margaret Keane finally gets credit for her artwork.
Image of Get on Up2014
A poor criminal from GA becomes the Godfather of Soul.
Image of Miss Potter2006
About Beatrix Potter writing her famous children's classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Image of Romy and Michele's High School Reunion1997
Sometimes it takes people a while to figure out what you're good at, even as artists. No matter what it is you're good at, acting, singing, painting, fashion design, etc. It can take a while to figure out what you want and gain the confidence to go for it & not care what others think.

True story of a Somalian woman escaping a child marriage and becoming a supermodel & UN Ambassador.
Sometimes opportunities of a lifetime come out of nowhere, and all you have to do is say yes. This bookish librarian says yes to an opportunity to model.
Biography of how Coco Chanel changed fashion.
We've all gone through debt. Credit cards, mortgage, student loans, etc. This movie is about regaining control of your life, self-expression, finding your voice, becoming a success on your own terms and not letting material goods, what others think, and low self esteem dictate your life. It's also about entering the magazine publishing world.


These guy is scum. It's a cautionary tale but also a tale of salesmanship. Any artist will tell you it's part of your job: selling & promoting yourself and your services.

This is about stock brokering like the one above, but this is an honest film & a true story about work ethic. From single dad out of work & homeless to success story. 
Had to include this because my husband is becoming a real estate agent. 
Motherhood doesn't have to be the end to your life as a career woman. It's about balance.
Say yes to every positive opportunity as an actor, singer etc.
When you're really feeling down on your luck & feel like your life is worthless, remember that you do matter. Your life does matter. I know sometimes acting, singing, etc. & working in the entertainment industry can feel like you're not truly helping people or society, but you are. Art is how people express themselves. It's how we express life. It shapes culture & social norms. It helps others cuz it touches souls. Never forget that. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Creeepy Xmas Movies

<p><strong>What It Is: </strong>Serial killer Jack Frost is being carted off to his execution when the truck carrying him to the execution chamber crashes with another truck carting "genetic material" (because that's a thing, clearly). He subsequently melds with the snow and becomes a killer snowman, bent on getting even with the sheriff that caught him.</p><p><strong>Why Your Holidays Will Never Be the Same:</strong> What's really weird is that "Jack Frost" is also the name of a 1998 cuddly comedy starring Michael Keaton as a man who also comes back to life as a snowman to bond with his son, not kill him. </p><p><strong>Your Secret Santa Gift:</strong> If there isn't already a really twisted mash-up of the two "Jack Frost" movies on the Internet, you know what you have to do with your holiday break, don't you?</p>

"JACK FROST" (1997)

Not to be mistaken for Jack Frost (1998) with Michael Keaton, this hilarious-for the-wrong reasons Xmas tale involves a serial killer getting turned into a snowman and going around killing people. 


You can also watch the 1974 version. I've only seen this 2006 remake about a crazy escaped mental patient who goes back to his childhood home to exact revenge on his family, except that the family is gone and in there place is a bunch of sorority girls. Oh well. They'll have to do. This version has a very creepy back story, some funny one-liners, and good performances by the young actresses including Lacey Chabert & Michelle Trachtenberg.

<p><strong>What It Is:</strong> So, you've heard of the virgin birth? Well, Satan orchestrated something similar, and thus we got a kill-happy Santa. There's more to it than that, but it's all fully ridiculous.</p><p><strong>Why Your Holidays Will Never Be the Same:</strong> You will wonder who had blackmail material on Emilie de Ravin ("Lost," "Once Upon A Time") to cast her in this pine-scented abomination. </p><p><strong>Your Secret Santa Gift:</strong> A buff Santa (the part is played by retired wrestler Bill Goldberg).</p>

"SANTA'S SLAY" (2005)

Starring: Emilie de Ravin ("Lost," "Once Upon A Time")

<p><strong>What It Is:</strong> Remember 1984's loudly-protested "Silent Night, Deadly Night"? Well, this is more-or-less a remake. Amazingly, after all the fussing over the original (which resulted in crappy box office numbers at the time), it became a cult hit that spawned a number of sequels.</p><p><strong>Why Your Holidays Will Never Be the Same: </strong>The cast is better than you'd expect – including Malcolm McDowell ("A Clockwork Orange") as the sheriff.</p><p><strong>Your Secret Santa Gift:</strong> The movie borrows from the 2008 Covina mass murder, in which a guy bursts into his in-laws' house wearing a Santa suit and bearing a flame thrower. So your nightmares will be extra realistic!</p>


Remember 1984's loudly-protested "Silent Night, Deadly Night"? Well, this is more-or-less a remake.  The cast is better than you'd expect – including Malcolm McDowell ("A Clockwork Orange") as the sheriff. The movie borrows from the 2008 Covina mass murder, in which a guy bursts into his in-laws' house wearing a Santa suit and bearing a flame thrower.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Xmas 2015 Movie Marathon

Xmas & New Year's Movies

I will be doing reviews of these as I watch them even though I have seen most of these before.