Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fashion Star S2 Ep9 Trending Now-and-Then

The remaining 4 designers must take a dated trend and transform it into a fresh and current look & create 2 items each. 
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Stunning. Love this look from H2T.



Look 1: Not a fan of high necklines on busty women.
Look 2: I love the neckline & cut on her. Makes her waist look tiny & takes advantage of her ahem assets. Not crazy about her obvious extensions though. They make her look like a cast member of Dynasty. Great makeup tho!


Cute polka dot top that doesn't really seem to be in keeping with Nicole's usual style. I also prefer her hair down to up. Up dos make her look too young IMO.



Love that neon pop on the screen. Makeup is fresh & light. Hair is a bit messy tho.

Which designers will make it to the final three? Find out tonight at 8/7c!
Daniel looking great but maybe a bit too casual for the show. Jessie Ray & Garrett looking more like bankers than designers. Hunter looking chic as usual, but I wish she would do something else with her hair. Cassandra for one at least has something going for her in an outfit-those shoes! She dresses like Ally Sheedy pre-makeover in The Breakfast Club. Not a compliment. Designers should really dress according to their design aesthetic.


Inspiration: 60's
Tonight is all about reinvention, and the designers will have to modernize a vintage look!
Skirt rejected.
I think this was a cute skirt, but it didn't seem very Daniel to me.

Sold! Buy now at Saks for $250 & $280-
This is what I'm talking about. Go Daniel! He even hand cut this design himself.

Inspiration: 60's

Striped version on left Rejected
I'm wishing these "trends" were a little more specific. It seems like the designers just made whatever they wanted & then assigned the closest decade that most resembles the outfit. Cop out!
I love that striped version. IDK why they didn't sell it in that print/color.

Sold. Buy now at Saks for $280
I like this too. I love the cut.

Yellow version Rejected. Blue version Sold! Buy now at Express for $69.90. Also in Black.
I like this because of those unique pocket peplums. Very clever.

JesseRay & Garrett
Inspiration: 50's

Crop top & shorts sold to Macys for $49 &$59
I really wish they had used the polka dot fabric. I don't like the yellow print. It seems too junior to me. The b&w is chicer, but I wish those shorts were a high waist. It would make it classier.

Sold! Buy now at Saks for $240
Love this! Very Mad Men. That print is fab.

Inspiration: 60's
From the runway to your closet, the winning looks from tonight’s episode can now be yours.
Sold to Express for $98
Very cute. Love the print with that column silhouette & that collar.

Red Version at right Rejected
I liked the print. IDK why it was rejected.

Version on left Rejected
I liked the print here too.

Sold to Macys Buy now for $79
Love this. It's like a tennis dress you can wear in real life.

Sent home

Though I liked the Mad Men dress, I agree with the buyer's decision. It's taken them this long (& there's 2 of them) to figure out their aesthetic. And they were still having problems. They're not formally trained though and have only been doing this for 4 years so kudos for making it this far. Can't wait to see what they do in the future.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nichols & Dimes DIY Website

Nichols & Dimes DIY
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Nichols & Dimes DIY Ep1: Mother's Day 2013 Gift Making

Nichols & Dimes DIY
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