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DVD Tuesday 09/27 Transformers: Dark of the Moon, "Army Wives" S5, Miss Nobody & more

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)Army Wives: Season 05 (2011)<span class=Go For It! (2010)
Miss Nobody (2010)Good Neighbors (2011)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2011 action scifi Starring: Sundance special jury prize winner Shia LaBeouf (A Guide to Recognizing
Your Saints), Emmy winner Josh Duhamel ("All My Children"), Cannes Palme d'Or nominee John Turturro (Illuminata), Tyrese
Gibson (Fast Five), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emmy nom Patrick Dempsey ("Once and Again"), Oscar winner Frances McDormand
(Fargo), 2X Oscar nom John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire), Alan Tudyk ("Family Guy"), Ken Jeong ("Community"), Buzz Aldrin, Bill
O'Reilly, Mindy Sterling ("Desperate Housewives"), Meredith Monroe ("The Deep End"), Hugo Weaving (voice) (Captain America),
4X Emmy nom Leonard Nimoy (voice) (A Women Called Golda (TV)), & James Remar (voice) (X-men: First Class). Directed by:
Michael Bay (The Island), Written by: Ehren Kruger (Blood and Chocolate). Plot: The third installment in the trilogy travels back
to 1969's historic moon landing, when Neil Armstrong & his Apollo 11 cohorts touch down in the Sea of Tranquility & discover
what appears to be a downed Transformers craft. Flash forward to the present, and the Decepticons are ready to exact revenge
on Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots. Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky, the Autobots' human ally. Trailer: Review: For as much as I have bitched about this series, vowing
never ever to watch another Transformers movie again, my husband convinced me to see this. Verdict?
I'm surprisingly glad I did. I actually really liked it. They got rid of Megan Fox. Granted Whitley isn't much
better than Fox, but she is less annoying. She needs some more acting lessons & experience, she might
be good one day. She has some potential. LaBeouf was amazing. He has grown so much as an actor
over the years. I'd liked to see him in a real hard-hitting drama. I liked the intro, and there was good use
of special effects. It wasn't over-used like in the last 2 films. I liked the personal moments with LaBeouf's
character that served as character development and made you root for him. I thought it was a good, solid
story, and Dempsey made a great villain. My only problems were the voice over work was over-acted,
and Duhamel can't act his way out of a paper bag. Gibson, however, has improved since his token performance
in Fast Five. I don't hate you anymore Tyrese Gibson. Rating: Noteworthy. Watch with: Star Trek.

Army Wives: S5 2011 heartfelt TV drama Starring: Emmy winner Kim Delaney ("NYPD Blue"), Catherine
Bell (The Good Witch's Family (TV)), Drew Fuller ("Charmed"), Sally Pressman ("The New Adventures
of Old Christine"), Brigid Brannagh (K-Ville), Sterling K. Brown (Our Idiot Brother), Terry Serpico (The
Departed), Jeremy Davidson ("Pan Am") & guest starring: Lee Tergesen ("Lie to Me"), Harry Hamlin
("Touched By an Angel"), & Kim Allen ("Lipstick Jungle"). Created by: Katherine Fugate (Valentine's Day). Plot: 4 women and 1 man share the common bond of loving someone enlisted in the
U.S. Army. Roxy (Pressman), Roland (Brown), and the other military spouses (Delaney, Bell, & Brannagh)
at Fort Marshall lean on each other in the face of new challenges, including dealing with a new baby,
sending a child off to college and losing one of their friends. Trailer: Review: I love this show. I relate to it because I am a military wife. That being said, this season was better
than last, but it felt a bit short to me. I wanted it to keep going. There was a story line with Roxy wanting
to make a decision about her business that I didn't like. It went on for way too long and was very stressful
to watch. As soon as that ended, the rest of the season was great, but I wanted more. The way they ended
things, I'm very curious for what's in store for Season 6. It think it's gonna be amazing. Rating: "Noteworthy"
Watch with: Mercy, Grey's Anatomy, & Mad Men.

DiDi Hollywood 2010 Spanish drama Starring: Elsa Pataky (Fast Five) & Emmy nominee Peter Coyote
("Avonlea"). Directed by: Bigas Luna. Written by: the director, Joe Wolberg & Carmen Chaves Gastaldo.
Plot: Ambitious bartender Diana Diaz (Pataky) leaves Madrid behind for Tinseltown, setting her sights
on becoming famous with the help of a high-powered agent (Coyote), her boyfriend from back home
and a gay actor in need of some image rehabilitation. Trailer:
Review: Part of this film is in Spanish. The rest is in English so don't fret if you don't enjoy foreign films.
You won't have to read the whole thing. Peter Coyote does speak fluent Spanish FYI. I haven't seen this
yet. It's on my queue. Will update after I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Go For It! 2011 Teen Drama Featuring: singer/songwriter Colby O'Donis. Written & Directed by: Carmen
Marron. Choreographed by: Kristin Denehy ("Entourage S6 Ep2: Amongst Friends"), Alison Faulk (Madonna:
Sticky & Sweet Tour), Ruthy Inchaustagui (Catwoman stunt person), & Rino Nakasone ("The LXD"
cast member/dancer). Plot: Carmen lives to dance, but her hard-working parents press her to focus on
her studies instead. When a teacher sees Carmen's impressive hip-hop moves, he urges her to apply
to an exclusive school, which forces her to deal with her self-doubt. Trailer:
DVD features: bloopers; deleted scenes. Review: I love dancing movies. The trailer looks really cliched,
but I can't help but be curious anyways. I will let you know. It's number 6 on my queue. Rating: TBD. Watch
with: TBD.

Miss Nobody 2010 Dark Comedy Starring: Leslie Bibb (Confessions of a Shopaholic), Adam Goldberg ("Entourage"), Indie Spirit nominee Kathy Baker (Street Smart), Missi Pyle ("Two and a Half Men"), Brandon Routh (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Geoffrey Lewis ("House M.D."), Vivica A. Fox ("Alias"), Patrick Fischler ("Criminal Minds"), Paula Marshall ("House M.D."), & Sarah Agor ("Scream Queens"). Directed by: Tim Cox. Written by: Doug Steinberg ("Beverly Hills, 90210"). Plot: Plucky paper pusher
Sarah Jane McKinney (Bibb) lands a great promotion after innocently killing her boss, Milo Beeber (Routh),
and soon she's employing her talent for treachery to scale the Judge Pharmaceuticals ladder. In this
black comedy, the executives drop like flies as Sarah Jane beats a path to the confessional of Father
Grisham (Barry Bostwick). But the game gets dicey when she falls for cop Bill Malloy (Goldberg). Trailer: Review: I love dark comedies. Heathers is one of my favorites. This was a great dark comedy. I felt for
the character, it was funny, satisfying, and surprised me in a few places. It wasn't predictable. That's rare
nowadays. Bibb was very funny. This is the first lead role I've seen her in. She needs more. She's a very
versatile actress who's played a variety of roles and has always stepped up to the challenge. I must comment
as a Catholic, that the title character (Bibb) was a very confused Catholic. Do not misconstrue her beliefs
with those of the other Catholics. Her views do not represent those of the Catholic church or mine for
that matter. This is a movie, not real life. Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox now. That being said, I highly
recommend this film. Rating: Noteworthy. Watch with: Heathers.

Good Neighbors 2010 Indie Crime Thriller Starring: Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon) & Scott
Speedman (Barney's Version). Written & Directed by: Jacob Tierney based on the novel "Chère voisine"
("Dear Neighbor") by Chrystine Brouillet . Plot: In an apartment complex nestled in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
neighborhood, everyone is nervous with a serial killer on the loose. Meanwhile, waitress Louise (Emily
Hampshire) and widower Spencer (Speedman) bond with new resident Victor (Baruchel), which could
prove dangerous. Staying alive may well mean figuring out who to trust. Trailer:
trailer; additional featurettes. Review: I love serial killer movies, and I'm very curious to see Baruchel
in a dramatic tole. Will update after I see this. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

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DVD Tuesday 09/20 Bridesmaids, MAD: Season One, Part One, & more

Bridesmaids (2011)MAD: Season One, Part One ()Today's Special (2009)Set Up (2011)

Bridesmaids (2011) 2X Oscar nominated Comedy Starring: 3X Emmy nominee Kristen Wiig ("SNL"), Terry Crews ("American Dad!"), Maya Rudolph
("SNL"), 2X Oscar nom Jill Clayburgh (Starting Over), Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy (The Back-up
Plan), 2X Emmy nom Rose Byrne ("Damages"), Emmy nom Carnie Wilson (The Newlywed Game")
, Chynna Phillips (Say Anything), Wendy Wilson ("The Newlywed Game") & 6X Emmy nom Jon Hamm
("Mad Men"). Directed by: Directed by: 4X Emmy nom Paul Feig ("The Office"). Written by: Kristen
Wiig (SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas (TV)) & Annie Mumolo ("In the Motherhood") Plot:
Named her best friend's maid of honor, down-on-her-luck Annie's (Wiig) competition with a fellow
bridesmaid, the wealthy and beautiful Helen (Byrne), threatens to destroy the wedding. Meanwhile,
a local cop takes a liking to Annie.Trailer: Review:
I love wedding movies. I can't help it. It helps me relive my own. So happy I finally got to see this.
This movie is not The Hangover for women. It's hilarious, but it has a lot of heart and has a lot more
under the surface. Don't get me wrong. The Hangover is great, but it's not a deep film. Melissa McCarthy
was hilarious. I can see why she was nominated for an Oscar and the nomination for screenplay. OMG the bridal shop
scene had me laughing so hard I almost wet myself which would've been ironic. This is most definitely
a chick flick, but it takes a irreverent approach to its comedy that I've never really seen before in a
"chick flick". I think guys would like it too. Rating: Noteworthy Watch with: The Hangover &
Role Models.

MAD: Season One, Part One (2010) Animated Sketch comedy TV show Voiced by: Gary Anthony Williams ("Weeds"), Diedrich Bader ("Outsourced"), & Jason Marsden
("The Garfield Show"). Plot: Lunacy reigns in this animated-series version of the iconic satirical magazine
, gleefully letting the gas out of movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, TV shows such as "Glee" and
other sacred cows of pop culture. Trailer:
Review: I haven't seen this yet. It's on my queue. Will update after I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with:

Today's Special (2009) Indie Comedy Starring: Dean Winters ("Allstate commercials as Mayhem"), Indie Spirit award nominee
Kevin Corrigan (Walking and Talking), Aasif Mandvi ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Sundance Special
Jury Prize winner Jess Weixler (Teeth), & Indie Spirit award nom Ajay Naidu (SubUrbia). Directed
by: David Kaplan (Little Red Riding Hood short ('97). Written by: Emmy nom Jonathan Bines ("The
Daily Show") & Aasif Mandvi based on Mandvi's play "Sakina's Restaurant". Plot: After he gets passed
over for promotion, haute cuisine sous chef Samir (Mandvi) quits to pursue his dream of cooking
in Paris, but an emergency forces him to take over his family's shabby Indian restaurant in Queens
. Taxi driver-turned-chef Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah) shares his passion for Indian food with Samir,
whose romance with fellow chef Carrie (Weixler) fuels his desire to prove himself and save the restaurant.
Trailer: Review: Haven't seen this yet, but
I love Indian food. I'll have to get take out & make a night of this one. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Set Up (2011) thriller Starring: Emmy winner Bruce Willis ("Friends"), Jenna Dewan-Tatum ("The Playboy Club"),
Ryan Phillippe (The Lincoln Lawyer), 50 Cent (Home of the Brave), & James Remar (Transformers:
Dark of the Moon). Directed by: Mike Gunther. Written by: Gunther & Mike Behrman. Plot: A diamond
heist goes horribly wrong, and the group of friends who sought to make a fortune must instead fight
for their very survival. Trailer: DVD features:
making-of featurette; cast and crew interviews; additional featurette. Review: Haven't seen this yet.
It's #3 short wait on my queue. Will update this when I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

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DVD Tuesday-09-13 Thor, "Outsourced", "Grey's Anatomy S7" & more

The DVD releases for this week are:
<span class=Thor (2011)<span class=Outsourced [TV Series] (2010)Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking (2010)
Grey's Anatomy: Season 07 (2010)Citizen Kane (1941)The Silent House (2010)Leading Ladies (2010)Scared <span class=
Love Wedding Marriage (2011)American Breakdown (2008)

Meek's Cutoff (2010)- Western- Starring: 2X Oscar nominee Michelle Williams(Blue Valentine), Indie Spirit winner Bruce Greenwood (I'm Not There), Will Patton ("Falling Skies"), Zoe Kazan ("Bored to Death"), Indie Spirit winner Paul Dano (L.I.E.), & Shirley Henderson (The Nutcracker in 3D). Directed by: 3X Indie Spirit nominee Kelly Reichardt (Old Joy), Written by: Emmy nominee Jonathan Raymond ("Mildred Pierce").

Plot: Set in 1845, this drama follows a group of settlers as they embark on a punishing journey along the Oregon Trail. When their guide leads them astray, the expedition is forced to contend with the unforgiving conditions of the high plain desert. Inspired by a true story, this effort illustrates the harsh difficulties, monotony and desperation endured by covered-wagon travelers. Trailer:
DVD features: behind-the-scenes featurette, Review: I haven't seen this yet. It's on Long Wait on my queue. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD

Thor (2011) Comic Book Superhero Fantasy Starring: Chris Hemsworth (Ca$h), Oscar winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan),
Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs), Stellan Skarsgård (Melancholia), Kat Dennings ("American Dad!")
Indie Spirit nominee Clark Gregg (The Adventures of Sebastian Cole), 2X Emmy nominee Idris Elba ("The Big C"),
Jaimie Alexander ("Covert Affairs"), & Rene Russo (The Thomas Crown Affair). Directed by: 4X Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh (Henry V). Written by: Ashley Miller (X-men First Class), Zach Stentz ("Fringe"),
& 4X Emmy winner Don Payne ("The Simpsons") based on the Marvel comic by Stan Lee.
Plot: flick about the thunder god Thor (Hemsworth), a powerful warrior whose father, Odin (Hopkins) -- the king of Asgard -- forces him to live among humans on Earth and learn humility. Once there, he finds a friend (Portman), along with unexpected enemies sent from his world. Wait til the end of the credits for an extra scene.
Trailer: Review:Funny in parts with absolutely gorgeous cinematography, art direction, & visual effects. This film suffers from 2 many hands in the cookie jar in terms of writers & studio pressure for The Avengers franchise to be included. The focus of the story seemed jarring, as if each writer took a part of the story and tried to force it together. The fact that this movie was made with the sole purpose of being part of The Avengers franchise film doesn't help it either. Helmsworth looks the part but that's it. He cannot act. Portman is better than this film. It gave her nothing to do. Pretty to watch, but ultimately forgettable with awful Norcostco regect costumes. Here are the other movies along with this one that you "have" to watch before The Avengers film which is pulling characters & the actors who played them from other recent comic films: Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America, & The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo is replacing Edward Norton). Rating: Not the brightest crayon in the box but sure is pretty. Watch instead: Hellboy II: The Golden Army & Captain America.

Incendies (2010) Oscar nominated (Best Foreign Film) Independent Military Drama Starring: Lubna Azabal. Directed by: Oscar nominee
Denis Villeneuve. Written by: the director based on the play by Wajdi Mouawad. Plot: When their mother's will implores them to
deliver letters to the father they thought was dead and a brother they never knew about, twins Jeanne and Simon journey to the
Middle East and attempt to reconstruct their family's hidden history. This drama flashes back to intense scenes set during the
Lebanese civil war in the 1970s. Trailer: DVD features: behind-the-scenes featurette.
Review: Haven't seen it yet, but the trailer gave me chills. It's on long wait on my queue. Will update when I see it. Rating: TBD
Watch with: TBD.

"Outsourced" S1 (2010) TV Comedy Starring: Diedrich Bader (Miss Congeniality 2). Plot: Inspired by the 2006 feature film of the same
name, this sitcom follows the cross-cultural adventures of Todd Dempsey, an American toy company exec sent to India to train
a group of rookie reps at the firm's new overseas call center. As he tries to teach his recruits how to think and sound like their
American customers, Dempsey himself gets an eye-opening education in Indian customs. Trailer:
Review: Funny but somewhat racist. I found myself laughing and then feeling bad that I laughed quite often. The intention of the
show is there, with a very funny premise, but the true flaw lies in the lack of heart in the story. They often went for the jokes
targeted at Indian customs & stereotypes rather than going for the fish out of water story that the original film apparently was. These
are good Indian actors that were wasted and forced to play out their own cultures stereotypes. I will definitely watch the original film
as I heard that it is far better than the TV show. No wonder it got cancelled after only 1 season. Rating: Stamped out so why bother.
Watch instead: "Parks and Recreation".

Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking (TV) (2010) 2X Emmy nominated Comedy special Starring: 2X Emmy nominee Carrie Fisher ("30 Rock").
Written by: Carrie Fisher. Plot: Most know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from the Star Wars films, but in this one-woman stage
performance, she reveals a more personal story. Raised in a family of movie stars, Fisher went on to battle drugs, alcohol, depression
and more. Trailer: Review: Haven't seen it yet. Looks damn funny. It's in my queue.
I will update the review when I watch it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Grey's Anatomy: S7 (2010) Medical TV Drama Starring: Ellen Pompeo ("Friends"), 5X Emmy nominee Sandra Oh ("American Dad!"),
Emmy nominee Patrick Dempsey ("Once and Again"), Justin Chambers ("Private Practice"), 5X Emmy nom Chandra Wilson (Accidental Friendship (TV)),
James Pickens Jr. ("Seattle Grace: Message of Hope" (web)), Tony winner Sara Ramirez (Spamalot), Chyler Leigh (The 19th Wife (TV))
& Eric Dane (Burlesque). Created by: 3X Emmy nom Shonda Rhimes ("Private Practice"). Plot: As the doctors of Seattle Grace
Hospital struggle to recover from the shooting rampage that ended S6 and left Derek (Dempsey) near death, they find solace
in moving forward with the joyous celebration of Cristina's (Oh) marriage to Owen (Kevin McKidd). Meanwhile, Derek resigns as
chief of surgery, Meredith (Pompeo) mourns her miscarriage, and Callie (Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) move in together.r.. Trailer: Review: This season had it's ups and downs. The beginning was very strong after that amazing S6 finale. The middle muddled a bit, especially with issues between Christina & Owen. The end of the season was amazing, including an unforgettable musical episode that should've gotten Ramirez an Emmy nod. I'll wait for the Golden Globes to decide if I'm truly offended. All in all a pretty great season. Rating: Noteworthy. Watch with: "Mercy" & "Private Practice".

The Silent House (2010) Spanish language horror film Directed by: Gustavo Hernández. Written by: Director & Oscar Estevez.
Plot: This intense and unique thriller uses a continuous 78-minute shot to tell the story of Laura, who goes with her father to a
remote cabin to repair it for sale. When she hears a strange noise, Laura's horrifying odyssey into the unknown begins.
Trailer: DVD features: Trailer. Review: The idea of the one continuous shot is the
hook for me for this film. Haven't seen it yet. On my queue. Will update when I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD

Leading Ladies (2010) Musical Starring: Melanie LaPatin (So You Think You Can Dance), So You Think You Can Dance S2 winner Benji Schwimmer (Love N Dancing),
former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Courtney Galiano ("Glee"), & So You Think You Can Dance former contestant
Kherington Payne ("The Dance Scene"). Directed by: Daniel Beahm (Hoodwinked!) & Erika Randall Beahm. Written by: Erika Randall
Beahm & Jennifer Bechtel. Plot: After taking cues from their overbearing mother (LaPatin) for years, a pair of sisters -- one, an amateur
ballroom champion, and the other, her reluctant practice partner -- come into their own and learn how to take the lead in their
own lives. Trailer: Review: Really excited to see this movie since it has so many
So You Think You Can Dance alum, including Melanie LaPatin, one of the choreographers on the show. On my queue. Will update
after I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Love Wedding Marriage (2011) Romantic Comedy Starring: Mandy Moore (Tangled), Alyson Hannigan (Date Movie), Indie Spirit
award winner Christopher Lloyd (Twenty Bucks), Kellan Lutz (Eclipse), Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl"), Emmy winner Jane Seymour
(Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (TV)), Emmy winner James Brolin ("Marcus Welby, M.D."), & Oscar winner Julia Roberts
(Erin Brockovich). Directed by: Dermot Mulroney (Inhale). Written by: Anouska Chydzik (The Wedding Date) & Caprice Crane ("90210").
Plot: When a newly wedded marriage counselor learns that her seemingly happy parents are serious candidates for divorce, she
throws all the rules out the window to repair their fractured relationship. Trailer:
DVD features: Trailer. Review: I've been wanting to see this film. I thought it was coming to theaters, but I think it got limited release.
It's on my queue under long wait #6. I will update this when I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

American Breakdown 2008 Independent Anthology Drama Starring: Steve Carell (Crazy Stupid Love), James Gandolfini (Where the Wild Things Are), Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night), Paul Walker (Running Scared), Paris Hilton (Repo! The Genetic Opera), & Scott Caan (Friends With Money). Directed by: David Brooks , Paul Carafotes, M. Eastling, Tyrone Finch, Jeremy Hall, Gary Hawes, & Erik MacArthur (We Were Soldiers). Plot: This collection of short films focuses on an array of modern characters as they struggle to overcome oppressive circumstances of tragedy, betrayal or simply bad luck. Trailer: Review: I love anthology films. Haven't seen this one yet. It's on my queue. I will update after I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Scared Shrekless (TV)-2010 animated short Voiced by: Emmy winner Mike Myers ("SNL"), Emmy nominee Antonio Banderas (And
Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (TV)), & Kristen Schaal (American Dad!). Directed by: Gary Trousdale (Beauty and the Beast) &
Raman Hui (Shrek the Third). Written by: Sean Bishop (Over the Hedge) & Gary Trousdale (The Lion King) based on the book by William Steig. Plot: Shrek gets in the Halloween spirit by challenging his fairytale friends to come
up with scary stories for a contest. But the gang learn that they'll have to spend the night in Lord Farquaad's haunted castle before
the winner is named. Clip: Review: Looking forward to this. I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday so I love anything related to it. I haven't seen Shrek Forever After yet so I'm going to watch that before I watch this. Then I
will update this review. Rating: TBD. Watch with: TBD.

Citizen Kane (1941) Classic Political Drama Directed by: Oscar winner Orson Welles. Written by: Oscar winner Herman J. Mankiewicz,
& Orson Welles (Touch of Evil). Plot: Biography of newspaper baron Charles Foster Kane, which, in essence, was a thinly veiled portrait of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst. Welles's complex and technically stunning film chronicles Kane's rise from poverty to become one of America's most influential men -- and it's considered one of the best movies ever made. Trailer: DVD Features: Original 1941 movie premiere newsreel; storyboard gallery; original theatrical trailer. Review: I am ashamed to say that as an actor & person who studied film in college, I have not seen this film. I've seen the HBO TV movie RKO 281 which is about the making of this film, but I haven't seen Citizen Kane. It's finally on DVD & is on my queue. Will update when I see it. Rating: TBD. Watch with: RKO 281.

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Mayhem & Maccabre: Dark Comedies

Horror films you can laugh at. Great alternative for the weak of heart, but maybe not the stomach.
halloween party
"Tales From the Crypt"
American Psycho
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Miss Perfect
Dead Man on Campus
Serial Mom
To Die For
Head Above Water
The Stepford Wives (2004)
The Addams Family
The Addams Family Values
An American Werewolf in Paris
Bride of Chucky
Scream 2 & 3
Shaun of the Dead
Buffy the Vampire Slayer film & TV show
House 2: The Second Story
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Weekend at Bernie's

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DVD Tuesdays-09/06

This is a new weekly post. Every week I will do reviews on the DVD's coming out that Tuesday and post the article Monday night/Tuesday morning. As for any movies that I haven't seen, I will watch them & update the post as I watch them. This week we have the following films:

Hanna PosterEverything Must Go PosterX-Men: First Class PosterThe Good Wife: Season 02 (2010)Parks and Recreation: Season 03 (2011)Criminal Minds: Season 06 (2010)<span class=Community: Season 02 (2010)Animal Factory (2000)Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior [4 Discs] ()

Hanna (2011)- Action | Crime | Mystery- Starring: Oscar nom Saoirse Ronan (Atonement), Eric Bana (The Time Traveler's Wife), Oscar winner Cate Blanchett (THe Aviator), Tom Hollander ( "American Dad!") & Olivia Williams ("Dollhouse"). Directed by: Joe Wright (The Soloist). Written by: Seth Lochhead & David Harr ("MI:5") Plot: A 16-year-old who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives. Trailer: DVD Features: Review: I haven't seen it yet. Rating: TBA Watch with: TBA

Everything Must Go (2010)-Comedy/Drama-Starring: Emmy nom Will Ferrell ("SNL"), Rebecca Hall (The Town), Stephen Root ("Children's Hospital"), Oscar nom Laura Dern (Rambling Rose), & Michael Peña (30 Minutes Or Less). Directed by: Dan Rush. Written by: director Based on the short story "Why Don't You Dance" by Raymond Carver. Plot: When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form. Trailer: DVD Features: behind-the-scenes featurette; Will Ferrell featurette. Review: Haven't seen it yet. Rating: TBA Watch with: TBA

Xmen: First Class (2011)- Please watch my video review here-

The Good Wife S2-Cerebral Drama-Awards: 1 Emmy win: Supporting Actress (Panjabi). Starring: Emmy winner Julianna Margulies (ER), Chris Noth (Sex & the City 2), Emmy winner Christine Baranski ("Cybil"), Matt Czuchry (The 19th Wife-TV), Emmy winner Archie Panjabi (Code 46), Makenzie Vega (The Family Man), Graham Phillips (Evan Almighty), & Josh Charles (Weakness). Guest stars include: Alan Cumming, Titus Welliver, Chris Sarandon, Mary Beth Peil, Michael Ealy, Dreama Walker, Kim Shaw, Anika Noni Rose, Mamie Gummer, Kate Burton, Edward Herrmann, Corbin Bleu, Elizabeth Reaser, Frederick Weller, Kelly Bishop, Michael J. Fox, Lili Taylor, David Paymer, Miranda Cosgrove, Michael Boatman, Ana Gasteyer, Mykelti Williamson, Leelee Sobieski, & Tim Guinee Plot: Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick, the titular woman scorned, in the second season of this critically acclaimed drama that tracks the comeback of a politician's wife in the wake of his very public sex scandal. Instead of burying her head in the sand, Florrick returns to her former job as a defense attorney and sets out to save others from injustice. Trailer: DVD Features: deleted scenes & making-of featurette. Review: So I just finished the 2nd season, and yes, it was amazing. This show keeps getting better & better. A bit of a cliffhanger ending so it's good the 3rd season is premiering September 25th. Intelligent, suspenseful, wonderfully written, thought-provoking, and well-acted. This season has 3 basic plots going on throughout: a love triangle, court case of the episode(s), & Peter's political career. A few things about the season w/o giving away spoilers: the whole will they won't they plot resolves itself, a new partner at the firm complicates matters, Peter's run for office, you find out more about Kalinda, and a few good characters switch over to the bad side, & Eli Gold gets interesting. One of the best shows on TV. I've been dying for a good courtroom drama for a while. This one delivers that and more. If you've never seen it, watch it & catch up. Rating: "Epic" Watch with: "Canterbury's Law" & "Damages".

Parks & Recreation S3- Goofy, Quirky, Witty- Awards: 4 Emmy nods: inc Comedy Series & Lead Actress Starring: 5X Emmy nom Amy Poehler ("SNL"), Aziz Ansari (30 Minutes or Less), Sundance Grand Jury Prize nom Paul Schneider (Pretty Bird), RASHIDA JONES ("Web THerapy"), Aubrey Plaza, Indie Spirit nom Adam Scott (The Vicious Kind), & Emmy nom Rob Lowe ("The West Wing"). Plot: As she continues fighting to make a difference in her hometown, ambitious but woefully inept bureaucrat Leslie (Poehler) inadvertently leaps from one painfully awkward situation to another in this sidesplitting sitcom about government inefficiency. Meanwhile, Leslie's co-workers Tom (Ansari), Mark (Paul) and Ron (Nick) occupy themselves with romance, rivalries and more foolish schemes. Trailer: Review: I'm still on S1. It's funny so far, but I will have to update this when I finish S3. Rating: TBD Watch with: "CTRL"

Criminal Minds S6 -Crime Drama/Mystery- Awards: 2 Emmy noms: Stunt Coordination. Starring: Shemar Moore (Diary of a Mad Black Women), Matthew Gray Gubler (Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel), Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg), Kirsten Vangsness ("Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior"), A.J. Cook ("Law & Order: SVU"), Paget Brewster ("American Dad!"), & 3X Emmy nom Joe Mantegna (The Starter Wife (TV)). Plot: When JJ gets a big job offer, the Behavioral Analysis Unit wonders if they might be losing an important member of the team. The sixth season of this popular CBS drama also features a string of murders that bring up old memories for agent Rossi (Mantegna). He soon suspects the attacks are linked to an unsolved case that has bothered him for 25 years. The BAU team later must track down a serial killer who targets married couples. Trailer: DVD Features: deleted scenes; gag reel; making-of featurette; & behind-the-scenes featurette. Review: I'm still on S5, but this show is still going strong and still manages to surprise me. I will update once I've seen S6. Rating: TBD Watch with: "Law & Order: SVU"

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)-Horror-Awards: Saturn winner: Best Music. Starring: Ashley Laurence ("ER") & Doug Bradley (An Ideal Husband). Directed by: Tony Randel. written by: Peter Atkins Plot: For Kirsty Cotton (Laurence), the nightmares never end. Still fresh in her fevered memory are her father's skinned corpse, the evil machinations of her uncle Frank's reanimated body and the unspeakable perversity of the Cenobites. But the worst is yet to come. Trailer: Review: I've only seen the 1st film, but I will watch this one and update. The first one scared the crap out of me. This second one has the leads from the first film which seems promising. I know this film got released in 1988, but it is now coming to DVD. Rating: TBD Watch with: Hellraiser (1st)

Community S2-Comedy-Starring: Joel McHale (Spy Kids 4D), Gillian Jacobs ("The Good Wife"), Danny Pudi ("Cougar Town"), Yvette Nicole Brown ("Family Guy"), Alison Brie (Scream 4), Donald Glover (Mystery Team), Emmy winner Chevy Chase ("SNL"), Ken Jeong (Zookeeper), & Jim Rash ("American Dad!"). Guest starring: Betty WHite, Drew Carey, Rob Corddry, Steven W. Bailey, Patton Oswalt, George Takei, Hilary Duff, Andy Dick, LeVar Burton, Enver Gjokaj, Stephen Tobolowsky, Josh Holloway, & Anthony Michael Hall. Plot: The unpredictable misfits of Greendale Community College -- including snarky suspended lawyer Jeff (McHale), pop culture know-it-all Abed (Pudi) and perpetual wet blanket Britta (Jacobs) -- return for more wacky lessons in love, life and friendship. In the second season of this ensemble sitcom, the gang takes a new anthropology class and disgraced Spanish teacher Señor Chang (Jeong) enrolls as a student. Trailer: DVD Features: outtakes; deleted scenes; storyboard animatic; cast evaluations & season one remix. Review: The funniest comedy on TV right now. Smart & clever with an amazing ensemble. Why isn't this show getting more awards? It's brilliant. Some awesome things about S2 w/o spoilers: pop-culture references, paintball, zombies, stop-motion animation episode, D&D, & Pulp Fiction. Rating: "Epic" Watch with: "Family Guy"

Animal Factory (2000)-Crime Drama-Starring: 2X Oscar nom Willem Dafoe (Shadow of the Vampire), Indie Spirit nom Edward Furlong (American Heart), Mark Boone Junior ("Sons of Narchy"), Oscar nom Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler), & Tom Arnold ("Franklin & Bash"). Directed by: Steve Buscemi Written by: John Steppling ("Cracker:Mind Over Murder") & Edward Bunker based on his novel. Plot: After receiving a long prison sentence for drug trafficking, Ron Decker (Edward Furlong) must learn to cope with life on the inside. Luckily, he befriends Earl Copen (Willem Dafoe), an ex-gang leader with considerable influence among the other inmates. Although Earl protects Ron and shows him the ways of prison life, Ron still must bear witness to the harsh cruelty and violence that surround him. Trailer: Review: Haven't seen it yet. Very curious because of the director. Rating: TBD Watch with: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior S1-Crime Drama mystery-Starring: Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland), 2X Emmy nom Janeane Garofalo ("The Larry Sanders Show"), Kirsten Vangsness ("Criminal Minds"), & Beau Garrett (TRON: Legacy) Plot: spinoff drama series that follows a new team of FBI profilers. Bringing wildly divergent skills and personalities to the table, the unit cracks some of the agency's toughest cases. Trailer: DVD Features: deleted scenes & gag reel Review: I've only watched the pilot. It pissed me off so much that I stopped watching. So did everyone else evidently because it got cancelled after only 1 season, and not even a full season. I'm going to watch the rest of it just because I'm such a fan of the original show. I will update after I finish and let you all know if my mind has changed. Rating: TBD Watch with: "Criminal Minds".

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