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HGTV Star Finale Home Decor & Fashion Review

This is it! The finale!

The challenge: This week the 3 remaining designers go to Palm Springs to design a hotel suite. What happened to the pilot finale? I loved that idea. It's worked for past seasons. Plus, it's how networks actually decide how to pick up shows. Up to this point, I know Brooks & Jerabai well enough to get their styles & what kind of show they'd have. I don't know what show Tiffany would have. Well let's take a look at what they all wore in the episode & of course, their designs.

The final 3: Brooks, Tiffany & Jerabai & the host David Bromstad

Brooks looks very indie. Tiffany looks very blah. Jerabai is wearing a shirt designed by Brooks: love! David looks a bit like a professor.

Camera Challenge

Tiffany-Very flattering sweater. Love the glitz. Great for camera. Jerabai-Love the pullover, but I hate jeans with holes unless you're working on your house or something. Not for a camera challenge.


I want the girl version of David's blazer, but I hate the white pants with it. It's the finale at night. Wear something appropriate for evening. Genevieve looks great. She's looking very fresh this season, like she's just gotten back from a spa facial. Vern in his ever present bow-tie. Looks too daytime to me. Sabrina: Though I love the dress itself, it does not suit her skin tone at all. Neither does the makeup. This whole season they've been putting too much makeup on her & gave her hair really bad highlights and detracting from her beautiful skin tone. She's a beautiful Cuban woman. Let her ethnic beauty fly.

Finale Mentors

I love the Property Brothers! Great mentors. I see that Drew is wearing the plaid today. A change for them. Looks like they swapped clothes in dressing. Tiffany: Chic but comfy outfit that's perfect for  a work day.

Tiffany's helpers- Boris & Tobin

Uggh creepy boris, but a sharp dresser. Oh, yeah and that otehr guy. I barely remember him. Tobin oh yeah.

Hotel Suite Before

Looks like a parking garage.

Tiffany's Design

Sleek midcentury modern mixed with contemporary.
Cute but nothing special imo. This season had only a few episodes that were all edited down to 42minutes roughly and only 3 episodes where the designers designed solo. How is that enough time to see their style?

 pop art prints designed by Palm Springs artists
Love this art gallery. That seems to be her forte. 

 Plush rug, a tufted cocktail ottoman and a pair of low-slung Danish modern chairs
I like this vignette. I've never seen a tray that large before. It's perfect for that ottoman. I might steal that idea for mine. I have a round ottoman too. 

 Custom fireplace is the center of Tiffany's living space design, topped a black base with white slats
Jacques Side Table, Gold
One Kings Lane
I like this living room, but I see nothing special except for that fireplace.

Toned down the bedroom color palette to soft neutrals and sea-inspired hues. 
Good color story for a bedroom vacation suite, but this looks like anyone's bedroom in America. 

 Layered jute rug by the bed.
I do not like the layered jute rug. It looks weird & would not be comfy on your feet. Sabrina Soto didn't like it either. 

Jerabai's Helpers: Abby, Cris, & Jessie

Not sure if these girls are the best helpers. Abby's a good artist & can sew-that helps. Very cool necklace with a sweater in a pretty color. She always wears too much makeup tho. Chris is a newbie to design & made good artwork but not much else. Those jeans look like mom jeans. Jessie in an ill-fitting dress. She got kicked off for poor styling. That's the thing Jerabai needs the most help with.

Jerabai's Suite

Determined to show the panel his more sophisticated side,  base of plush white carpet. 
Moroccan Pouf, Tan
One Kings Lane
You can show sophistication & still have your stamp as a designer. I don't see his stamp here at all. It's a pretty room, but it looks like the girls did it & not him. I also agree with Vern. The white carpet is a no no for a hotel suite. He should've picked a light gray instead. He would've still gotten to keep his graphic flair. This is the only place where it seems like he added his own flair & he screwed that up by not thinking practically. What a shame.

Textured purple wallpaper adds depth to the space. upholstered headboard
I love that textured wallpaper. I also want those nightstands for my wocave. 

Curvy mirror nods to ornate, traditional style, but the flat front and straight lines of the desk and chair make this pampering spot thoroughly modern.
Very cute vanity area. Love it! Great for a suite for getting ready to go out. Those flowers btw are green roses. I'm a part time florist. We have those in our shop right now actually lol. 

The enormous living space is divided into three areas: A dining table and two lounges
He left a large void in the middle of the room. He should've created a space leading out to the balcony to fill it. 

Jeribai's Suite: Cocktail Lounge

A low cocktail table and comfortable wing-back chairs allow this suite's guests to relax and enjoy.
I like this area, but it bothers me that all the chairs have an orange pillow but one. 

Wallpaper, original paintings and eye-catching pendant lighting makes this space look perfectly high-end.
Love the wallpaper. Hate the paintings  Love the pendant lights. I don't get the chairs on either side of the buffet tho. And those moss balls looks unappetizing for a dining table centerpiece. 

The suite's second sitting area is centered around the TV. Using a carpet-tile rug allowed Jeribai to create a custom size perfect for this huge room.
Carpet tiles are a lifesaver. 

The judges loved the living room's bright orange sofa
I like the bold couch too.  I don't like the mismatched throws tho. The back graphic one has nothing to do with the 2 in front of it. 

Flowers (Button Mums) and a wine decanter await the suite's first guests
A nice touch would be if the bell hop filled that decanter when they bring up your luggage. 

Brook's Helpers-Anne and Tyler

He had good helpers. Anne, in some very cool sneakers, is great at DIY & pairing interesting things together. I wouldn't have minded her winning. Tyler's ok. His rooms were fine. His portfolio is much better. Love that jacket. I like Brooks's sneakers too. They kind of match Anne's.

Brooks's Suite

Entryway-Brooks set out to greet guests (and judges) with a bang, in the form of this opulent, pattern-on-pattern vignette.
This is amazing. Jaw-droppingly beautiful and a great example of pattern mixing which can be difficult  I like how his take on the suite is different from everyone else. He did Parisian meets Midcentury Modern. Jerabai did Midcentury girly, & Tiffany did Midcentury contemporary which made both of their suites look like lots of other hotel rooms that I've been to. Both fine but both have been done to death. Even though it's a Palm Springs suite doesn't mean it has to scream Palm Springs or Midcentury Modern.  This suite is something different. Tiffany's suite looks a lot lot most of Sabrina Soto's rooms on The High Low Project. Jerabai's suite looks like some of Danielle's rooms on Shop This Room except that designer also had the ability to change styles depending on the client. Jerabai's other rooms would've made for a good show tho. 


Traditional and modern pieces mingle in Brooks' living space. "It's a little bit cuckoo, but really fun," Genevieve said of the space.
I agree it's a lot of fun. That's the point of vacation. Have fun in the main living area. You can relax on the beach. I will say tho that I don't like the dining chairs paired with that dining table. Too much wood. Not enough fun there. I like the settee, but maybe reupholstered in a more retro but vibrant fabricwith the 2 head chairs in the same fabric & a bench on the other side of the settee. 

Brooks channeled the Palm Springs portion of his design theme into this central seating area outfitted with retro chairs, a curvy coffee table, and a cutout light fixture.
I love this. So much fun. However, that ottoman is a little weird. Who besides maybe a kid would actually sit on something without backing for a conversational area. 

Brooks created faux paneling with trim and painted it shiny gold to create a royal feel. But the judges felt the high-gloss detail (and the dark wall hue) made the space look cheap, not chic.
I think if he'd gone with a gold leaf or a darker metallic shade it would look chicer. Right now it reads a bit yellow. Also not really sure how the Moroccan print chairs & Ikat rug fit in the design. They're Mediterranean & the South of France is part of that Mediterranean feel but Versailles is a Parisian suburb. Too different feels. 

Who but Brooks would outfit their suite with golden bananas? To balance the playful accessory, he added a vintage trunk and some streamlined, modern pieces.
I like this vignette. It's very Brooks. 

The Bar

Judge Vern Yip's favorite part of Brooks' space? The built-in bar, which balanced modern, geometric-patterned stools and midcentury barware with traditional panels and accessories
I love the mix of orange & blue. 


David wasn't a fan of the room's striped wallpaper: "The's like circus gone crazy. You have to remember your client, but I admire that you went for it, he said. The judges agreed that this room was too busy overall.
Yeah the stripes are a little circusy, but they're fun. They're very cirque du soleil. So they are French in their design.  

Soft pillows in primary hues adorn a bedside armchair.
I love the mix of prints here. This is how you do it. All different colors but the same feel. 

Brooks' worked his share of unique "curiosities" into the room, but he didn't dwell on them in his camera challenge. After practicing his 90-second, on-camera tour, his hosting skills made a marked improvement.
I love Brooks's curiosities  He could have a show where he did nothing but source items from flea markets & yard sales & use them in rooms, & I'd be happy. Beautiful White Roses as well. Creepy cherubs but French nonetheless, & I liked how he re-purposed a tray as a piece of art. 

Elimination Room

That shade of pink is not right on him. It brings out the red in his face.

Brooks was amazing on camera. It's amazing what a little rehearsal can do. He'd be a breath of fresh air on HGTV.

I like Jerabai's other rooms much better for his style. I think he'd be great on Mancaves on the DIY Network or as a host for DIY or a carpenter on HGTV. I like his laid back attitude. I thought he came off like a tool on The Talk daytime show. He came off fake, like a motivational speaker.

The Eliminated Designers Return

Looking mostly great for camera. Abby-Take off that jacket for the camera. Cris-Nice color. Jessie-ill-fitting again & washes her out. Tobin-Sharp. Boris looks like a 70's porn star with that printed shirt unbuttoned to show chest hair. Anne-Love the shoes. Hate her hair. She looks like a rebellious teenager with those streaks. Her personality doesn't match them at all. Her hair should be an over all more vibrant red. Leave the streaks for the Hot Topic kids who aren't allowed to dye their hair. Tyler-Striped on plaid only works if in complimentary colors.
HGTV Star Tiffany Brooks

Tiffany won (cute peplum top in a beautiful color). I'm indifferent. I read about her new show Most Embarrassing Rooms in America months ago, but it said Meg Caswell was the host. I'm wondering if they had the show set up & decided to use Design Star to find a new host, hence the name change to HGTV Star rather than Design Star cuz a good TV personality was more important to them than a designer who could create & inspire their own shows through their design throughout the season. I'll check it out, but I'm bummed Brooks didn't win. I would've settled for Jerabai. Tiffany is cookie cutter & unless she can show something different,  I don't see her show lasting long. She had hints of that in the bus & the art gallery, but that's not enough for me to have confidence in her. They should've also played the pilot episode either after the finale or the next week in order to build the ratings off the buzz of the show. Premiering it later could be detrimental to ratings. Note: I read  an article about her new show and saw before & after pics of a kitchen she designs. Not a good preview. Boring. Nothing interesting. An improvement but since these are the most embarassing rooms n america, there's no where to go but up. The after pic looked like most peoples' houses before pics on HGTV. Homeowners with no design background whatsoever could've designed it. I'm still gonna watch and give her a chance simply because I like the premise of the show, & I'm hoping it last long enough to get my parents on the show.

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Project Runway S12, Ep1 Sky's the Limit Fashion Review

This season's changes: 1 previous season contestant comes back based on fan votes. Instead of a per challenge budget, contestants get $4,000 for the whole season that they get to budget themselves with a Mobile Banking Card. Very smart. It's like real life. Plus, imagine how it will be toward the end of the season when someone will inevitably run out of money at the wrong time.

Prize pack: Worth $500,000: $150,00 cash prize, 6 pg spread in Marie Claire mag, Capsule Collection for Belk (this season's accessory wall sponsor), Brother sewing studio, $50,000 worth of HP technology, 2014 Lexus IS 350, $50,000 styling contract with L'oreal Paris, $100,00 1 yr fabric budget, 1yr supply of bottled water, All expense paid spa trip for 2 to the Maldives. :)

Tim Gunn: Gets to not only be in the room for the runway show, but also presents the finished designs up close to the judges for further inspection & explanation with critiques by Tim Gunn as well. Also, gets to save 1 designer this season from elimination.

Kate from S11: Got the most votes to bring back for this season while everyone else is new. I liked Kate's designs, but considering there's already an All-Stars show, I don't see the point in bringing her back.

Runway shows: Anonymous. Judges will score designs without knowing the designer. After the scores are calculated, the judges will dismiss the safe designers to the waiting room & talk to the highest & lowest scored designers.

No more teams. Back to individual season. There will still be team challenges but not like last season. :)

Challenge: Create outfits using a parachute. Parachute must be the major component of the outfit, but b&w nylon was also supplied to supplement. 1 will be eliminated. Winner will get immunity.

Now onto the fashion

Hosts- Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
I think Heidi's the only person that can pull off those pants without looking dumpy
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
The top is super cute, however, & the aviators are a cute touch. Tim is adorable as usual.
If I was a man, I would so rock a pocket square. Love the blue & yellow color combo.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Later in the work room, Tim rocks more plaid in yellow & blue in a more casual way.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
I really don't like this dress. The neckline & length (even thought it's an illusion skirt) make her look doudy. The heels, hair & makeup are great though. I love seeing her with wavy hair.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Tim seems to be sporting a lot of plaid the ep. Still love it tho.

Judges: Heidi, Nina Ricci, Zac Posen, Guest Judge: Kate Bosworth
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Nina looks awesome, but I wish that the top was sleeveless. The color of the sleeves almost match her skin which just looks weird. I like the dark blue suit Zac is sporting. I really wish they would figure out how to fix that curly hair. It looks pin curled.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
For you naysayers out there who are wondering why actress Kate Bosworth was a guest judge, she is also a model & designer. She designed a collection for Topshop, currently designs jewelry for Jewelmint, & is currently in the works for her own fashion line. I wish that dress was more fitted, but I love that necklace. Her hair needs some moisture stat, and she needs some kind of bang. 

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Helen's got this tough 90's Angelina thing going. She'd be so beautiful if it weren't for her sleeves & gauges. Ouch! I love the cut of Kate's dress, but that color washes her out. It does make her gorgeous red hair stand out though. Angela is twiggy 60's on top 9i.e. her hair), 70's on the bottom. Considering her design aesthetic, it's OK but not special enough. Kashindo (cool name BTW) looks so much better in the online photos with her hair down. But it probably helps her in the competition. Easier to sew without hair in the face. I could hang by those earring Dom. I see a likely injury in the future. If you're going to wear long Pocahontas earrings, leave your hair down. Alexander has fab hair that pairs so well with purple. Timothy was smart for wearing sunglasses outside, but his outfit is neither here nor there.

Miranda & Timothy
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Miranda, former active duty Army, has this great 40's aesthetic finished off with pin up bangs. Finally a little personality Timothy with those yellow pants.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Speaking of personality. Yikes! Not exactly what I had in mind. Though fabulous, they aren't exactly in keeping with his design aesthetic. A designer's personal style should reflect their design aesthetic. You're a walking billboard for your line. If you dress differently, then it seems like you don't know who you are.

Alexander & Helen
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Helen & her sleeves.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Love the elbow patches.
Project Runway Season 12 Helen Castillo Episode 1 Photos
Those gauges. Ouch!

Project Runway Season 12 Bradon McDonald Episode 1 Photos
Stripes- My hubby has a shirt like this. I would expect a bit more oomph from a designer though.

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Plaid on plaid-nice.

Project Runway Season 12 Kahindo Mateene Episode 1 Photos
Earthy comfy top for the workroom paired with bright earrings-nice
Project Runway Season 12 Kahindo Mateene Episode 1 Photos
What appears to be a kind of island-y comfy top for the work room-nice though it's hard to see.

Project Runway Season 12 Karen Batts Episode 1 Photos
Kind of a strange outfit. I like the newspaper print top, but paired with that lime green skirt? They're competing for attention in the outfit & make her look like a fairy with her red hair.
Project Runway Season 12 Karen Batts Episode 1 Photos
From strange to drab.

Project Runway Season 12 Kate Pankoke Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Kate Pankoke Episode 1 Photos
Super adorable. Perfect for the workroom while still in keeping with her design & personal aesthetic. Me want.
Project Runway Season 12 Kate Pankoke Episode 1 Photos
That top I'm not sure about. Looks a little juniors dept or needs a pj bottom to go with.

Project Runway Season 12 Miranda Levy Episode 1 Photos
Love her whole 1940s schtick & those pin up bangs. I had those for a 40's film, but she pulls them off so much better.

Project Runway Season 12 Sandro Masmanidi Episode 1 Photos
I've never cared for males in turtlenecks.

Project Runway Season 12 Ken Laurence Episode 1 Photos
Good for the workroom in terms of comfort, but you can be comfy & have flair. This doesn't do that.

Project Runway Season 12 Justin LeBlanc Episode 1 Photos
This is flair. Simple tee but great hat.

Project Runway Season 12 Angela Bacskocky Episode 1 Photos
Cute but I wonder how comfortable leather clothing actually is.
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Like Zac said, super "chic"

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Sue Waller Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Sue Waller Episode 1 Photos
I get a Carole King vibe from her. Very cool hair & really great style. Draping is a girl's best friend IMO.

Project Runway Season 12 Alexandria von Bromssen Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Alexandria von Bromssen Episode 1 Photos
I wear outfits like this when I'm painting my house.

Project Runway Season 12 Dom Streater Episode 1 Photos
I love that ear piece. Not my personal taste but so interesting.

Project Runway Season 12 Jeremy Brandrick Episode 1 Photos
Looks like he he bought a shirt from the young men's dept, but it might be able to be styled right.

Designs: Let's do this like the judges, anonymously at first

Jessica Simpson Given Pump
Belk-Jessica Simpson  $60
This isn't the worst. I like the color blocking & the graphic print. I just think the high side slits combined with the mandarin color & the fact the model is Asian makes it look like a costume or Chinese waitress outfit,. Also, the white in the middle makes her look like a target. Should have stayed with the black from the back instead. 

Donald J Pliner Mink Sandal

Belk-Donald J Pliner-243

Very cute sporty dress that I'd want in my wardrobe. 

BCBGeneration Clemence Pump
Looks like a rain poncho & not a chic one. The back is better than the front. This looks cheap & juniors department, and those shoes do not go at all. 

Stunning. This is a wow. This designer was very smart about how to use this material. It floats. It's interesting. I'd wear this in a heartbeat.
Jessica Simpson Waleo Pump - Leather
Belk-Jessica Simpson-$70
The skirt is OK, but the top half looks like a bad soccer mom outfit, and those shoes are too dressy. Note: The top & jacket are made with the extra fabric. Only the pink piping in the jacket on the skirt is from the parachute. Should be in the bottom for that. 
Vince Camuto By The Horns Gold Pendant NecklaceCorso Como Del Pump
Belk-Vince Camuto  $48   Corso Como $129
Very pretty, but it bothers me that the majority of the outfit is from extra material. 

I like the pants. They're cute & sporty, but they don't go with those shoes or ill-fitting top (made out of the extra fabric BTW)
Jessica Simpson Waleo Pump - Leather

Jessica Simpson $70-Belk

Average dress. The graphic trim takes away from the 2-tone skirt. Distracting. 
Erica Lyons Rectangle Ring
                                                                                                             Belk-Erica Lyons  $17
Cute if not entirely flattering dress with shoes that don't go. That neckline needs to be either crewneck or lower cut. It's neither here nor there. 
Donald J Pliner Mink Sandal
                                                                                                             Belk-Donald J Pliner-$248
I like the print & the scooped back, but it fits likes a sack.

Adorbs. I'd where this in a heartbeat. Cute & retro but still original. This should be in the top 3 imo.
Jessica Simpson Waleo Pump - Patent
                                                                                                              Belk-Jessica Simpson- $70
Jessica Simpson Four Piece Bangle Set in Gold
I love this from the back. I like the combo of colors as well, but from the front the ruffles don't lie flat when moving. Reminds me a bit of this Bill Blass blouse that I fell for while watching Gossip Girl.
Bill Blass Flamenco backless blouse
Corso Como Del Pump
                                                                                                             Belk-Corso Como-$129
Very cute lil dress. This designer used mainly black extra fabric, but so did others. I think automatic bottom score, but not the worst out of all the offenders.
Erica Lyons Dome Fashion Ring
                                                                                                             Belk-Erica Lyons-$17
Vince Camuto Silver Link BraceletErica Lyons Multi Colored Stretch RingVince Camuto Silver Tone Core Link Collar Necklace

Vince Camuto $45

  Erica Lyons-$17

 Vince Camuto $68  

COACH KRISTINA SUNGLASSESFossil® Hinged Bangle Key Bracelet in Shiny Silver Tone

COACH $148

Fossil $168

Overly accessorized with too many ideas, but if you remove the accessories & that boa thing, you have a well-made swimsuit other than the vag debacle. It was smart to use parachute material to make a swimsuit. 
                                                                                                             Coach $148
Super pretty & unique maxi dress. Interesting details & clever use of colors make this maxi dress perfect for day or can be dressed up for night. 
Train wreck in the front, origami in the back. As Posen put it, "It looks like you found her in the woods." I like the parachute chord necklace & that back is lovely. IDK why it isn't the same in the front. It's like the designer had 2 different ideas & couldn't stick with just one. 

Key: in order: Alexander, Alexandria, Angela, Bradon, Dom, Justin, Kahindo, Karen, Kate, Ken, Miranda, Sandro, Sue, Timothy


Alexander, Alexandria, Dom,  Justin, Kahindo, Karen, Kate, Ken 
Some of these cheaters slipped under the radar. I'm sick of hearing ppl bitch about Miranda. She wasn't the only one & at least her creation was cool. 

Highest Scores: Bradon, Sue

I'm in total agreement. Originally Miranda was a top 3 until she told them the black fabric was extra nylon & not part of the parachute. I think her design was more safe & Kate's was more deserving of top 3 cuz she used more parachute fabric & her design was much more original.

Lowest Scores:  Angela, Miranda, Sandro, Timothy

I agree here. They had to punish Miranda for the nylon, and the others were messes either because of construction/cut &/or too many ideas.

My Winner Pick: Bradon

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Yay! He got immunity for the next episode. I'm so happy when the judges see it my way.

Bottom 2
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 PhotosProject Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Timothy & Angela

I think Helen should be here instead of Timothy only because of Helen's overuse of extra nylon fabric & cuz the back of Timothy's design & his parachute rope jewelry is interesting.

My Elimination Pick:

Helen-She broke the rules the most egregiously. She should've been made an example of IMO.

Eliminated: Angela
Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 Photos
Since they didn't catch Helen, I agree with this elimination. She's so cute& I like her personal style & design portfolio, but she just didn't deliver what she was trying to go for. She tried to make something chic with just her parachute material. IF she had used a little of her extra fabric, she might've been able to take this from juniors department to chic & not quite so short coat dress.