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New Girl S2 ep15 The Cooler Fashion Review

New Girl S2 ep15 The Cooler

Plot: The guys decide to go out without Jess as their wing man because she's actually a Cooler. Jess spends time alone in the loft, where her imagination gets the better of her. Brooklyn Decker & Brenda Strong stop by for a sexy version of the drinking game True American. Rules can be found here True American Rules You're welcome. :) Nick wears a Woman's trench coat  Lastly, one of the hottest on-screen kisses I've seen in quite a while. Let's get to the important stuff though. The fashion:

The boys are back at the bar that Nick works at because apparently that freaky women's trench coat scared the girls at the club. They probably thought he was a flasher. Schmidt always wears his work wear out. Why? This is not happy hour. Change. Winston looks the best in a sharp leather jacket. Not sure about what he's wearing under it though.

Enter Brooklyn Decker looking quite lovely with that strawberry blonde hair. Great cream & navy combination going.
Here are similar versions of that blazer
Fologna double-breasted brushed-twill blazer by Theyskens' TheoryFologna double-breasted brushed-twill blazer by Theyskens' TheoryCream jersey blazer
  THEYSKENS' THEORY blazer                 Dorothy Perkins Cream jersey blazer

Here she is later at the loft playing True American  As you see she's taken the cream blazer off  & revealed a boring tank that doesn't go with the rest of the outfit. Cute hat, though I'm not sure where it came from.

Winston tries to hit on Brenda Strong at the bar who looks cute but too old in a Jackie O inspired jacket.

This is what she wore underneath her jacket. Appears to be a black shirt dress & tan belt combo. Not sure how that belt goes with the outfit if you include the jacket, but it looks chic here with the dress.

This is what Jess does alone in the loft. Gets lonely and makes a Nick dummy. Cute dress/top she holding though.

Then runs around without any pants on.

Makes a robot costume out of a cardboard box. I just moved into a new place. I'm totally gonna do that.

Pretends to be a track star. I ran track in high school. I did not dress like that.

Then her imagination gets the better of her, and she's convinced The Crips gang have come for her & her blue rival gang colored curtains. IF anything, they're coming for that head wrap.

A full shot of Nick's woman trench coat that I want to steal. As for Jess, she's wearing a petticoat from her costume trunk leftover from childhood & a cute striped top I would wear now. And grape purple tights I wore when I was 7.
Zooey Deschanel's purple lace bra on New Girl
If you haven't figured it out by the disappearing clothing, the "sexy" part of this version of True American is that it's a strip version. She just happened to have a cute bra on.
Here's the bra on Ebay & the same style in different colors : I give credit to
Zooey's bra from New GirlSame bra in different colors
Ebay $69 for set            Victoria's Secret $52+

That adorable pink ruffled robe we've seen in many episodes appears. Yay for consistency.

The kiss that finally happened. Yay! I just wish Jess didn't have a bf. That's awkward. Let the love triangle portion of this season begin.

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2013 SAG Awards Fashion

Normally for award shows, I would present the nominees as soon as they came out & then I would update them with the winners, and of course throw in my opinions. First of all, I'd like to introduce this post as the first of many Movie/TV Fashion Recaps/Reviews. Don't worry. My other articles will remain. This is just some new material thrown in for spice. The reason I'm leaving out the nominees & winners (which you can see on IMDB) is because "Frankly, [readers], I don't give a damn." The SAG awards are a popularity contest for actors, much like Homecoming in High School. Anyone with a SAG card can vote. The actor with the most votes wins. If I ever win one, I certainly wouldn't give it back, but popularity doesn't necessarily mean respect. Now about fashion. The SAG awards are basically like a work party for actors. So simple but modern is the way to go if you're someone in attendance but not nominated. If you're nominated, it would seem to me that gives you the OK to dress in something that says "Notice Me" cuz you're kinda the belle of the ball, but you should also somehow allude to the Show or Movie you are nominated for. Now for the rating system: Epic: Best, Noteworthy: Great but no epic, Stamped out but worth a look: Nothing original or inventive but still works, Stamped out so why bother: Nothing original or interesting & doesn't work, Snailmail: Boring, Smut: Really inappropriate/trashy. Beauty shot only: Only the face looks good, everything else need not be photographed. Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy. Worst: Rather stab a pen in my eye (than ever look at this picture again) OK I'm off my soapbox and onto the fashion of the night.
The black and white of it! Claire Danes, Julianne Moore and Sofia Vergara lead the way as Hollywood's leading ladies go mad for monochrome on SAG Awards red carpet Shades of light and dark: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Claire Danes all wore variations on the monochrome theme to attend the SAG awards at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. on Sunday night

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta stunned. This is probably the best she's ever looked at an awards show, at least that I can remember. Of course, she did change so many times during the Golden Globes that I could be missing something. I digress. I love everything about this including the quirky belt & bracelets. She wouldn't be Tina without a little quirk in her outfit. Someone please teach me how to do bombshell hair like this. Rating: Epic

 Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli- I guess Anne was going as Black Swan to SAGS this year? Verging on inappropriate territory (though she did play a prostitute in the film), this dress is ill fitting. When you are a blessed woman in the chest department, you need not punish them by stuffing them underneath a crew neck, even if it is sheer. The fit is too loose with no delineation of a waistline. I will say her hair & makeup is beautiful. I am looking forward, however, to her hair growing out a bit more. Rating: Beauty Shot
Shades of light and dark: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Claire Danes all wore variations on the monochrome theme to attend the SAG awards at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. on Sunday night Shades of light and dark: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Claire Danes all wore variations on the monochrome theme to attend the SAG awards at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. on Sunday night

Claire Danes in Givenchy- Claire usually stuns at every Red Carpet. I was disappointed. Not only is the gown too baggy for her teeny frame, but the geometric print is vaguely 80's, the hair is disheveled & the lipstick is too dark. Love the cocktail ring though. Rating:  Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty) even in this illfitting 80s-tastic dress.

Julianne Moore in Chanel I love me some Chanel, but it has to fit. She looks amazing collar bone up. Everything below that beautiful red mane is just wrong for her. It makes her look saggy and doesn't give her a waistline at all. Her torso seems to melt straight into her hips. Lastly, that B&W color combo does nothing for her porcelain skin. Rating: Beauty Shot

Pre-Raphaelite: Sofia Vergara sizzles in this stunning classic Donna Karan gown as she led the ladies in white Embracing the trend: Julianna Margulies and January Jones wore the monochrome look in all its glory
Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan Oh dear, it seems Sofia forgot to buy a dress & had to use the satin sheets from her bed as a dress. Aside from looking like a wrinkled sheet, the color did nothing for her skin, and I'm so sick of her wearing that neckline all the time. Her hair always looks amazing. Her makeup is OK. Her eyebrows though uggh. The inner Brook Shields in me wants to applaud her from going against the teeny brow convention and having the gusto not to over pluck. The other part of me want to tweeze her brows in her sleep cuz not everyone can get away with thick brows. Rating: Stamped out so why bother (wearing the same dress every awards show?)

Julianna Margulies in Chado Ralph Rucci - The dress itself is pretty, but it's not for her. It washes her out. The makeup isn't helping either. The fit does nothing for her gorgeous figure. There's no waist line delineation & a skirt that's too full in the weirdest place on the hips. That neckline is strangling her as well, and those shoes do not go with this at all. Fierce on their own but not with this. Lastly, that sad ponytail makes this dress look way too sporty for the event. Rating: Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed (for her body type &event) but not trashy.  

 Jennifer Lawrence in Christian DiorThough I love this color on her which is paired nicely with the dark red lips and naturally curvy body-to-die-for that looks good in anything, the dress comes off as tacky and inexpensive. That seam around the knees is just weird. WHen she tripped going up to accept her Best Actress award for SIlver Linings Playbook, the bottom part fell a little to reveal a strange sheer peek-a-boo thing. If it was a two-fer that she could take off, then at least it would make sense or of the peek a boo part showed as you walk, instead of just as you fall. I'll give her a pass on the hair because she's still filming Hunger Games 2, but I am looking forward to her being a blond bombshell once again. Rating: Smut: looks like a cheap dress.

Naomi Watts in Marchesa A beautiful dress for someone else. Pretty but does nothing for her figure or her skin tone and looks as if it's about to slip off. The hair, makeup, & accessories, however, are gorg. Rating: Beauty shot.

2 Mad Men ladies, 2 very confusing dresses.

January Jones This mess of a dress is part vintage part modern, all crazy. Though a vintage look is always beautiful and appropriate for her, this particular gown is ill fitting and styled with a very odd yellow dyed updo  & too bright coral lipstick that completely takes over her lovely face. If that stupid white tulle & black electrical tape straps holding it up weren't there and she took her hair down and switched her lipstick to a classic red, it would be crazy good & not plain crazy. Rating: Rather stab a pen in my eye.

Jessica Pare Did someone forget to wear a slip? Cuz I can almost see your hooha.  A beautiful color & fantastic styling cannot keep this dress from edging toward crazy town with its see through skirt, strange bandaged torso, strangely placed waist belt, and those damn electrical tape straps she must've borrowed from January Jones. This dress can't be saved. Keep the color & start over.  Rating: Rather stab a pen in my eye. (Way too many of these moments so far)

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior - I like most of this, except the weird white top part. It would look better in black. Everything else is very pretty & appropriate for her and this Red Carpet. Fantastic color too! Rating: Stamped put but worth (a second glance)

Kerry Washington in Rodarte- I'm on the fence about this. The dress is pretty, but it doesn't fit as well as I'd like it too on this petite beauty. The harsh updo with the severe side part doesn't work with the angular top that does nothing for her top half. Having her hair down would've helped fill that negative space and made the neckline less angular.  Rating: not the brightest crayon in the box-Just because a dress is pretty doesn't mean it will look pretty on everyone.

Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen I love blondes in blue. Her hair & makeup are flawless as usual. I love the bottom of the dress, but the boning in the bodice makes her torso look wide. That necklace is all wrong for the dress. Rating: Just because a dress is pretty doesn't mean it will look pretty on everyone.

Amy Poehler in Zuhair Murad and Forevermark Diamonds She looks ready for the CMT Awards. This dress is weird. The corseted saloon girl top doesn't fit & the bottom is too tight. The hair & makeup look good, but the diamonds don't match the dress & clutch comes out of nowhere. Is that a green & red croc clutch with a western saloon girl corset? Well yee haw it sure is. So many styling issues, but at least her face shots will look lovely. Rating: Beauty shot only.

Michelle Dockery in Chado Ralph Rucci- Brings a whole new meaning to the  "SAG" awards. Apparently, she decided to go literal. A beautiful girl that looks like she got lost on the way to the VMA's. The only thing I like about this dress is the sheer trim at the top, before it turns into lingerie. Bad fit, bad color, inappropriate,  and cheap looking with vampy makeup and an odd hairstyle. Rating: Smut

 Elisabeth Moss in Dolce & Gabbana and Forevermark Diamonds This is probably the best I've seen her look on the red carpet. Short dresses don't bother me on the red carpet if they look like this. It fits beautifully, is styled well, and fits the SAG Awards very well. Rating: Noteworthy.

 Rose Byrne in Valentino This dress is beautiful, but the styling's off. I'm not quite sure it's appropriate for Rose or for the SAG Awards. With all those ruffles, her hair shouldv'e been put in an updo of some type cuz her hair is just competing. The red lip is too jarring along all that pastel. The ruffles on her top half kinda swallow her up. Lastly, this looks like a dress for the Indie Spirit awards. Rating:  Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed (Due to cut & event) but not trashy.

Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham- Stunning! This Fashion Police! star dressed to the nines. The fit and that old school glamour mixed with a little punk with that purple hair (a style that's become her trademark) make her one of the nights best dressed imo. Rating: Epic.

Busy Philipps in Gabriela Cadena- This is not how you celebrate your pregnancy. She looks like a stuffed sausage in that ironic nun-like dress. The styling is also way off. Busy is kinda boho, and this dress is way too conservative for her. She tried to add her flair with mismatched accessories that are OK on their own but not together & not with this dress. Rating: Rather stab a pen in my eye.

Kiernan Shipka in Oscar de la Renta and Forevermark Diamonds To me, the most important thing for a young lady to look like on the red carpet is age appropriate. This is perfect! She looks pretty & age appropriate while still being formal enough for an event like this. Her hair & makeup look done but not overdone. I love the silver & lt pink color combo. My only caveat: diamonds on such a young girl. Rating: Noteworthy.

 Ariel Winter in earrings by Jamie Wolf and a ring by Graziela- Is she late for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream? Thank you for dressing your age at least. I love most of this dress, but I really want to rip those sleeves off of it. The dress would still be age appropriate if it was strapless because the neckline doesn't dip too low, and her curls would be covering her up. Her hair & makeup are flawless & pretty. That clutch though looks like a gift box though. Rating: Beauty shot, almost made it to Noteworthy but not quite there.

Jayma Mays in Georges Hobeika Atelier, Jimmy Choo shoes, Neil Lane jewelry and a Judith Lieber clutch The dress is pretty until you get to the bottom & realize that it's actually a beaded door curtain she stole out of a little girls bedroom. The top half of the dress, hair, makeup & styling is great. So you wore half an outfit well. Rating: Smut (not trashy just cheap)

Sally Field in J. Mendel-  What happened to the lining in the top of the dress? Cuz I can see your bra, your entire bra. The color is pretty on her. The fit is OK but could be better. The hair could use some root touch up. The makeup & styling is nice. I'm sorry. I can't get over the visible bra. Rating: Smut

 Jenna Fischer in Jenny Packham You look old. You should give this to Meryl Streep. You have an amazing figure. Why are you covering all of it up? Nice makeup & hair though. Rating: Beauty Shot

Julia Stiles in Amen Couture, Jerome C. Rousseau and Le Vian Did you swim to the awards show, cuz you look like u got wrapped in seaweed & barnacles on the way. This dress is weird and belongs on The Little Mermaid. The hair makes her look old (please grow it out again), the fit is off (scoop necklines don't work on IBTC girls), and  that color does nothing for her skin tone. She also wearing too much makeup. You're so beautiful. Why did you do this? Rating: I'd rather stab my self in the eye than look at another pic of this.

Katrina Bowden in Badgley Mischka and Forevermark Diamonds Was Forevermark Diamonds the official sponsor of the SAG awards cuz everyone's wearing them? I digress. Very pretty Katrina. Very art deco. Everything works here, the fit, color, styling. I just wish that being a nominee (ensemble) that she would've gone a step further., been a bit more bold. Rating: Stamped out, but worth a look

Giuliana Rancic in Max Azria and Simon G Jewelry Fashion Police need not be dialed. This dress is stunning, on it's own & on her. Teeny girls that failed, please pay attention. This is how to dress a teeny frame. My one problem is her hair. It's a faux bob Hollywood side style combination, and it's weird. The old Hollywood deep side part only works on longer hair. Rating: Noteworthy


Naya Rivera in Donna Karan Donna Karan has gone sexy & Black Swan on us. Naya always looks beautiful, and this dress certainly show off her assets. I just wish she wasn't showing us so much of them, and that mesh see through thing covering them looks like she's wearing a Fredericks of Hollywood body stocking underneath this. Rating: Beauty Shot

Lea Michele in Valentino and Jennifer Meyer She looks like an upside down flower. The color is beautiful, but this dress is too young for her. She should've given this to  Ariel Winter. I like that it's a dress that's not too serious. It's just not right for her age. Plus, what is up with that weird pose? She's usually the queen of red carpet poses.  Rating: Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy.

Kaley Cuoco in Romona Keveza  Did you spring from the floor cuz that's what it looks like when you wear a dress the color of the red carpet? This dress is too young & too short (which makes you look stout). The shoes are mismatched, and she looks like she wearing a wig. Nuff said. Rating:  Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy

Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab, Judith Lieber, Jimmy Choo and Neil Lane  This is how u do pink without looking like a little girl. Nina never fails to impress on the red carpet. The slits are interesting and edgy, not slutty. The fit is perfect. The styling is amazing-that hairstyle is really interesting too. Bravo! Rating: Epic

Jane Krakowski in KAUFMANFRANCO 30 Rock? More like 32 flavors. This dress is the color of sorbet & not right for her skin tone. The fit is also off, and I much prefer her hair down. The styling is off as well, mixing a pastel  pink belt & darker orange clutch & bracelet. Rating: Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy. All the elements are fine on their own  but not mixed together & not on her.

Jaimie Alexander in Marc Bouwer Beautiful but way too edgy for the SAG awards. She looks beautiful, the styling is perfect, and that dress fits her to a t. My only caveat is that she wore it to the wrong awards ceremony. This belongs in a fashion awards show or MTV or Grammys. Rating:  Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy.

Zuleikha Robinson in Memeka by Gustavo Cadile A beautiful water color gown perfectly styled for the Indie Spirit awards. Not to the SAGS. Sorry. Pretty girl, nice bangs, good fit, but all wrong for the SAGs. She's supposed to be representing "Homeland" for tulle sakes. Rating: Not the brightest crayon in the box (but sure is pretty): Inappropriately dressed but not trashy. I feel like a broken record.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen Thank you for for wearing a dress that's flattering. Not sure how crazy I am about the matchy matchy-ness going on. The red dress matches the red hair, shoes, carpet, lips, etc. Notice also that the shoes are a different shade of red than the dress. Presentable but not spectacular. Rating: Snailmail (boring)

Now for my picks for Best & Worst Dressed.

Worst Dressed

I know you're not nominated, but that doesn't mean should dress like a nun. It's ill-fitting and not styled right.

Best Dressed

Parfait! It's an understated neon that really lets the color do the talking: perfect for an actor from hit TV show in attendance of an awards show but are not themselves nominated. Busy needs to take some pointers. The side slits are edgy without being slutty. That styling is perfect including that really cool updo. I always see her with her hair down. It's nice to see it up. And that fit is to die for.

What does everyone out there think. Do you agree with me. Disagree? Comment below!