Friday, May 25, 2012

A personal Statement- PSA for Caregivers for Wounded Warriors Project

This was taken after I filmed the full PSA where I'm in a group, and then alone I recite
a line from the pledge that they wrote. I thought my personal statement just ended
up on the cutting room floor, but it turns out they released it all by itself.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 X Factor Audition

I sent this video in as my audition for The X Factor USA this year. The requirements were webcam timed upload, 2 minutes max, a capella. Don't worry, I did slate. This is just the song portion of the audition. I thought I'd also post it up here for feedback, likes, etc.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Board Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Battleship (2012)G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2012)Transformers (2007)Clue (1985)
With Universal Pictures releasing Battleship & the second G.I. Joe film in contract with Hasbro, I decided to make a list of possible Habro games they could make into movies. Ah what the hell, I'll also make a list of ones they should'nt make. Let's see which ones make the cut. Let me know your opinion. Got any movie ideas for any of these? Heard about any in development? Which would u wanna see and which you wouldn't? Comment below.

Hasbro Games/Toys
The ones in bold are ones I think should be made. The ones underlined I don't.
As for the rest, I just don't know how they could make it into a movie. 

Yahtzee-too similar to poker
Monopoly- so many ways this could go though you might consider the Wall Street movies the same thing
Simon-scifi film involving government control
Bop It- The game is annoying enough
Connect 4
Trivial Pursuit
Guess Who?-Mystery
Operation- could be a horror movie
Elefun-We already have Dumbo
Mouse Trap-something along the lines of Mouse Hunt or animated
Candyland-Tim Burton could do this
Littlest Pet Shop
Easy Bake Oven-Foodie movie about a chef or wannabe chef
Lite Bright
Play Doh-Claymation
Catch Phrase
Hungry Hungry Hippos- B-movie horror fun
Glo Worms
Chutes & Ladders
Barrel of Monkeys-Ugh I could see a barrel of baby monkeys found by a family who takes them in. Hilarity ensues PG crap going on here. 

Hasbro Games that are already movies/TV shows
Transformers trilogy
My Little Pony
GI Joe
Toy Story trilogy-Mr & Mrs. Potato Head

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Safe House movie review

Southern Hollywood Events National Anthem audition

I'm singing this for Southern Hollywood Events National Anthem Competition to get a chance to sing in it in the movie 42. Please vote for me by liking the video on facebook at this link The votes need to be on their facebook page to count. The person with the most votes wins. Hurry! Voting ends May8th.